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At long Last!

All right, Lovelies. I have finally succeeded in finding a way to uplode the various performances from Rob's promotional appearances. Since there were several of you who asked for these, I have decided to just post them here so that everyone will have access to them. Here are Robbie's Mexico performances along with an interview he did in Norway, which, from what I remember, was rather amusing. No Manches Feel No Manches Advertising space No Manches Tripping Norway Interview Otro Rollo Advertising space Personally I enjoyed his performances of Advertising Space the best.
Also, I also uploded the Takethat documentary. Unfortunately the person who shared them with me could only get four out of the five parts to work, so I only have parts 1, 2,3, and 5. Part 4 is missing. Anyway, enjoy! TT documentary part1 TT documentary part2 TT documentary part3 TT documentary part5 If anyone has any difficulty with any of the links, please let me know.
I also have the b-tracks for Advertising space and Tripping along with Dont Stop Talking, the song he did for the European T-mobile deal. Unfortunately I can't post the actual tracks here publically because we can apparently get into some trouble, but if anyone would like them, send me a comment, and they will be yours. Enjoy!
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