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Like the Disney song goes, Dreams Do Come True [April 22nd, 2007]






OMG, yes, I totally did! And it was beyond any expectation I ever could have had....So here's my story, complete with pictures :oD

Like idiots, we decided to sit on the opposite side of the stadium, so we were sitting far away  from the teams' benches for most of the game...but it was still fun to watch him kick around the football before the game and cheer on his fellow teammates....

Sadly, our dear Robbie had the man flu and a bum knee, so he didn't get to play, but life happens and you just have to roll with it...I have to give him wicked props for just showing up, even though he was rather under the weather...

The last 5 minutes of the game, me and my new friend, Robyn, whom I met before the game and ended up hanging with for a lot of the game, decided to walk over to the other side of the pitch...we were just going to stand down by the field and check out how the autograph session was going to go down, but I couldn't really a great feel for it, so I went up into the stands and watched him/took pictures until the end of the was on the end of the bleachers down by the gates, so I rushed back down and waited til the game ended officially and then raced out onto the field...we were officially the first ones on the field and sorta followed him around until he settled and everyone gathered round...

It was just great to hear him talk and laugh (and even the sniffling was cute...I nearly offered him a tissue out of my pocket, but thought it might be a bit odd, even if it was totally clean lol)....everything from Oasis being a bunch of inbred monkeys (his words! lol), the Reading vs. Bolton match earlier in the day on telly ("At least it wasn't Leeds, yeah?"), the next album probably being more swing fare, how he thought Iowa (and its people) were lovely, and about a possible show in the US (though he said Vegas would be too predictable)...

And all the while this was happening, I just leaned back and snapped photos...I ended up with 176, but just uploaded the 38 best that I thought you might enjoy

Robyn was in front of me and got her shirt signed, then I sort of tried to part the crowd so she could get out and I patiently waited until he got around to me...

I handed him up the booklet and the gatefold to Rudebox, just intending for him to sign the booklet (and have the case as something proper to write against) and he ended up signing not only the booklet but the cover of the gatefold! 

As I handed it up to him, I said, "I hope you feel better soon, Robbie" and he said, "Thank you, darling. I hope I feel better soon, too..." and then he sniffled and stopped writing and looked down at me and kinda smiled and said, "But you know...sometimes having the flu is alright..." and he stopped, I guess assuming I was going to say something...only all I could do was mumble something completely unintelligible (DUR, ILANA! ARGH! lol) and then he went on, "Well, you know since I don't do drugs anymore, having the flu is kinda like feeling stoned"....everyone laughed, but I couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for's gotta be really rough for him right now... :-\

So anyhordes, he handed them both back to me and I told him thanks and he said, "It's been a pleasure, sweetheart"...and then I

Haha...nah, not really...I squirmed my way back onto the pitch where Robyn and my aunt were waiting and that's when I had my fangirl moment....I even did an overly dramatic fall-to-your-knees fit and thrashed about for a minute...then I regained my lady-like composure and we just watched him for a while like stalkers lol

Fast forward to this morning (after going to bed at 12:15)....My eyes fly open at 6:45 and my mind screams, "YOU MET ROBBIE WILLIAMS LAST NIGHT!"....shortly followed by an uber cheesy grin...kinda like this

And I'm normally not a morning person, but I've gotten so much done this morning just because I'm still flying high on all the adrenaline...

I seriously seriously never wanna come down....I feel so incredibly lucky...and I know I am...and I'm absolutely never going to take this experience for granted because I know what a once in a lifetime opportunity it was...

Here's my photo album with some extreme close ups...he looked a bit grey around the gills, but those eyes...*le swoon*

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Anyone else seeing Robbie play football(soccer) here in the States? [April 20th, 2007]


So I was listening to the radio this morning and they said something about an L.A. soccer team playing a game here against our team and the announcer said the star player was Robbie Williams...didn't say one word about who it was...just the I thought, "Okay...just a coincidence...another player called that"....then I flipped open the paper to look up the review for the new movie, Hot Fuzz, and right in the corner there was an advert for the match and a little picture of Robs....and I started screaming!

Alright, so I'm lame and no one knew what I was talking about, but I was excited....and I figured I'll probably never see him live, so meeting him here in my hometown (and watching him play) would be the next best thing....

I was kinda kicking myself because I actually bought movie tickets for that night and time, so I ended up giving them to a coworker so I didn't have to just eat them...

But I'm seeing Robbie tomorrow night! *happy snoopy dance*

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!Mod update! [December 28th, 2006]

Hello my fellow Robbie fans! I just wanted to let you know that I've changed the layout and profile of the community a bit, and I hope you like it. I also want to let you know that IT'S OK TO POST, haha. No seriously, we can't expect an American based Robbie community to be very active, but heh... yeah I don't really know what we'd update each other about. OH! I was watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week and suddenly there was a shot of Robbie onscreen, shaking his head in disbelief at the sexy sexy models! It's always a bit of a shock to see him on television, if only for 3 seconds.

The Close Encounters Tour wrapped up recently, did any Americans take the long journey to see any gigs? I did! Dresden, Germany in July! It was hot as all hell and the friend I dragged along with me passed out with sun stroke along with about 300 other people. That wasn't cool, but I did run my ass off and get to the front row, and that WAS cool. But I didn't bring my camera, and that wasn't cool. BUT I WENT TO A ROBBIE CONCERT! Next tour, I'm going to as many shows as possible.

What do you think of the new album? At first, I was frightened. But now I love it. I'd pay to hear the original version of The 90's. Ya know, the version that's not missing half the lyrics. Someone's gotta leak it at some point.

And I don't know about you, but I often find myself asking, "Why you disrespecting my bra?"

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Robbie Williams - RudeBox [October 26th, 2006]


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close, but no cigar [August 9th, 2006]

This just in Robbie is comming to new mexico on Oct21 tickets go on sale aug14 for public, aug11 for sanctum's,it might just be the closest he comes to north america.
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[August 2nd, 2006]

Montag, 31 Juli 2006

Could Robbie Williams finally be getting his much needed American breakthrough? His new single Rudebox has just topped online dance charts in the US, and UK pre sales have already made the tune a dead cert for number one. So much for the critics

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..... [February 11th, 2006]

[Music: Daniel Bedingfield - Sorry]

Hey everyone ^__^
Just wanted to say a bit ago I saw the trailer for the magic roundabout on t.v.
But don't get your hopes up -__-;
They changed everything about the movie!
They have a whole new cast of voice actors, and damn it they even changed the title to "Doogal".
So that means no Robbie for us once again. *sigh*
But at the end of the trailer you can here Robbie's version of Doogal while he jumping on the film title.
^__^ Noticed that lol
I really wanted to see the movie too... I guess i'll just buy from hmv uk or something.
Well thats if from me
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[January 23rd, 2006]


OMG Rob, where do you shop? I love it.
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At long Last! [January 14th, 2006]

[ mood | tired ]

All right, Lovelies. I have finally succeeded in finding a way to uplode the various performances from Rob's promotional appearances. Since there were several of you who asked for these, I have decided to just post them here so that everyone will have access to them. Here are Robbie's Mexico performances along with an interview he did in Norway, which, from what I remember, was rather amusing. No Manches Feel No Manches Advertising space No Manches Tripping Norway Interview Otro Rollo Advertising space Personally I enjoyed his performances of Advertising Space the best.
Also, I also uploded the Takethat documentary. Unfortunately the person who shared them with me could only get four out of the five parts to work, so I only have parts 1, 2,3, and 5. Part 4 is missing. Anyway, enjoy! TT documentary part1 TT documentary part2 TT documentary part3 TT documentary part5 If anyone has any difficulty with any of the links, please let me know.
I also have the b-tracks for Advertising space and Tripping along with Dont Stop Talking, the song he did for the European T-mobile deal. Unfortunately I can't post the actual tracks here publically because we can apparently get into some trouble, but if anyone would like them, send me a comment, and they will be yours. Enjoy!

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The Brits Nominations 2006 [January 10th, 2006]

[ mood | rushed/hopeful ]

The nominations for the Brits are out, and Robbie is only nominated for best male. Personally I think he should have at least been nominated for Best album if not best video as well. I have a funny feeling James Blunt is going to get best male, but let's think positive! It's really quite irritating the lack of nominations Rob's gotten this year. He got snubbed for best live act because Live8 was not a paying concert. Oh well. Let's hope he can add a sixteenth brit to the fifteen he's already got. I'm going to burn my dinner, so I'm off.

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